Games and Coffee

Wakalapi means “Coffee” in Lakota. Wa-gha-la-pi.

I am sitting here with a fresh cup of Joe. Here on this blog, I want a little space to write down my thoughts on video games and games in general. What I write will most likely already have been thought of before, therefore I don’t claim that any of my ideas are particularly novel. My writing isn’t that great either. But, it does a body good to put our thoughts down somewhere, sometimes. Or was it milk that does a body good?

I drink it straight black. No milk, no sugar. No, that’s a lie. I have some Korean mixed coffee that I drink now sometimes in the afternoons. I am an enrolled member of Rosebud (Lakota) and had lived in South Korea for some time before returning stateside. Recently, a friend of mine bought me Korean-style mixed coffee. Its just instant coffee in a little plastic package, but it was called “Rosebud”. Ironic, yes. It has cream and sugar in it. A lot.


So why games?

Well, I’ve always loved games, and although my career up until this point really hasn’t much to do with games, I aspire to making them. I do not consider myself a ‘gamer’ if that means I am strictly all about video games, cutting myself off from the greater world around me. No, I have interests in many fields and do not see any reason to limit myself in such a way. This blog though is mainly limited to games, but I hope to bring in some other disciplines if I can in some posts (and probably digress to the point of inanity in others).

I am on a journey to make a game, or games – or perhaps just exploring gaminess. I might not end up making anything, but perhaps I can spill some ink, drink some wakalapi and have a good time regardless.

Feel free to chime in and share your thoughts if the spirit moves you.



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