Graduation Week

I teach undergrad part-time, and I’ve been in grad school for the last three years. Today and tomorrow are going to be hectic because the undergrads graduate, and I too graduate. Actually, I attended my younger brother’s college graduation last weekend as well. I’m not a big fan of gatherings of large people or of public ceremonies, but luckily though, I can just sit here in these short glorious minutes before work with my coffee and put down a couple words. Isn’t that nice? I don’t know what it is about coffee and blogging in the morning, but its like medicine. Delicious medicine, not that nasty kind that needs spoons full of sugar.

We have finals next week, but today is my last lecture day, which is relieving to know that I will have survived the educational hydraulic press of that student/teacher lifestyle. Things should be cooling down soon, thank goodness. After next week’s finals and grading, there’s a small conference to go to, but on July 6th I get to fly to South Korea and stay for three weeks! I am excited for some family fun, some delicious food, some Tekken in the arcades and checking out some new fun places! I’m a big fan of the Korean show “2 days, 1 Night” and its been 4 years, 3 months and 6 days since I was last in Korea and that show has me champing at the bit for cool interesting places to visit.

So what degree am I getting and being a blog about “coffee, games and such” does this have anything at all to do with games? I’m getting a Master’s in Public Administration, emphasizing in tribal governance. I think this field is interesting for many reasons, but for the blog, designing and working with political systems is actually quite akin to designing games or game spaces where people do whatever it is they want to do, within certain constraints. That’s reaching, and that’s what I do. Go go gadget brains! Of course, there are non-profit and public organizations that are involved with game development, and there are even some organizations that are non-profit, Indigenous, and develop games with for-profit arms, such as the Cook Inlet Tribal Council that developed Never Alone. So, indeed there are ways to make PA fun, believe it or not.

Looks like my time is already up though, I will leave with this little video on the history of coffee. I’ve only watched the first of three parts, the one I will be posting below. Now off to work where I will continue to listen to Kafka’s “The Castle” on Audible through mild traffic!




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