My list of Game Related Youtube channels

For any poor soul who wanders into this blog, I want them to know that there is actually pretty well-made content out there regarding video games. Below are some of the channels/playlists that I suggest, and absent are some that I don’t suggest. If you know great channels, please share them with me before you run away!

Extra Credits

This is probably the most well-known game design youtube channel of the interwebs. When I first found the channel, I didn’t like it. I didn’t like the high-pitched voice of the narrator, but I came back to it when I realized the content was actually pretty amazing.

Game Maker’s Toolkit

Great thorough and well-made game design content. ‘Nuff said.


Anybody who takes the time to really dig into some really interesting ideas in video games is on my list. Especially someone who can appreciate the early Metroid games like this fellow.

Double Fine Production’s Youtube Channel

Double Fine produces a ton of design/development content for their youtube channel. They have talks such as this one (above), episodes of them playing games with other cool devs, have a great series of videos on how they made one of the first big hits  funded through Kickstarter and more!

There are some channels that are “smaller”, and others that aren’t always talking about games, or game design in particular, but I’d like to mention them anyhow.

Shaun Spalding – shows you how to make games and code in GameMaker

Games as Literature – just found this fellow, lots of great ideas and content about games, well, as literature.

HeartBeast – Another GameMaker teacher fellow who so generously shares his know-how to the universe

TheHappieCat – Super interesting gal who works in the industry, she shares her quirky side of what its like to be in game dev

Crash Course’s Games series – A series of quick snippets of video game history. Not game design, but I enjoy it.

Video Game Close Up – Made by a very nice gal out of Germany. She discusses video games from the academic side as well as being a fan

PBS Game/Show – The content has stopped a couple of month ago? It was always fun to see what the next discussion topic could be.

PBS Idea Channel – Not a game channel, but he will have episodes with video game related content. He recently made a video on Dark Souls that was pretty interesting.

Heavy Eyed – Has about 10 videos at the time of this blog post. I do like the content though and its pretty dang smooth

Gamesfromscratch – very active channel right now. Great channel to keep you up-to-date on what’s going on in game dev software. Also has some how-to’s on programming

GDC – Some pretty interesting game dev talks gets uploaded to the Game Development Conference channel. I like the recent one from the creator of Downwell, in particular. I bought the game because of it.

History Respawned – This is another I just recently came by. This channel interviews academics in fields related to popular games’ content. The Uncharted episode is what got me to subscribe.

I think I have more in my list, but now I’m tired.








2 thoughts on “My list of Game Related Youtube channels

  1. These are some great recommendations! I love Extra Credits myself, and often reference them in my own blog and posts. Good choices!


    1. Extra credits are a great team. I keep finding new and interesting videos by them, and by now, I’ve seen quite a few of their videos. I’m down for more recommendations if any spring to mind 😉


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