Game Idea: A multiplayer perspective puzzle communication game


Yes, yes, game ideas are a dime a dozen, and not worth anything unless they are made. Even then, they might never see the light of day unless  blablabla, and they might just simply suck. Oh, and your fresh, unique idea has totally been thought up by a million people before you.

Sure, perhaps, but its still fun to explore ideas and write about them, and that is what I will do today.

I’m titling this “Game Idea 1”, not because this is the first game idea that has come into my head, but because this will probably not be the first game idea I will explore in writing on this blog. I intend to explore other ideas as I continue on in this bloggy, gamey adventure into the now marginal space of the interwebs. Mainly, because it’s fun. (my teachers would have highlighted the last sentence in red and written “grammar” next to it so I knew there was something wrong with it [fragment sentence])

So what’s the idea?

Well, I’m glad I asked! 

The idea is quite simple, but it would be fun and has a good fibrous moral. The game would be a multi-player game, but I will keep it simple and say its a two-player online game. Not a couch co-op though, and it would utterly fail if people called each other on the phone and played.

Basically, two people are in a puzzle space where they have to work together to solve the puzzle, but unfortunately for them, the objects (and possibly objectives, but that’s probably too complicated for now) appear differently to them. For example, an object might look like an apple to player A, but appear like a bomb for player B. Perhaps another object appears to be a lighter for player A, but looks like a flower pot for player B. Yet if they are able to communicate to each other what they see, they will be able to say, detonate the bomb and break through to the next part of the puzzle. The amount of puzzles could be infinite and much more complicated.


Man, I suck at making art with a mouse in Paint, you get the picture though

Rather than having voice chat, it could be a rather obtuse communication system, but I can’t think of one right now. If they had a live chat option, I think it might be too easy. Or would it? That’s a question that would have to be solved I guess through iteration. It would be quite difficult to implement for a pleb game designer like me to create some sort of charades game mechanic (or any game mechanic yet).

Now that I’m thinking this through, it could be a rather fun experiment to just create a sandbox space where people are just strolling around, but again objects appear differently to each other. And then see what happens. You could frickin just mod Minecraft. I have no idea how to do that either… 😦  I should look it up

Really, the whole goal of the game for the player is for it to be funny and fun; gamey in the sense that they have to solve social puzzles.

The moral in it all is that everybody has their ideology, religion, spirituality etc. which unconsciously (unless reflected upon) makes us see things and value things differently than others. The game would make this literal, (e.g. apples as oranges, or whatever). It would teach people to (hopefully) appreciate differing perspectives and push them to communicate across these differences to solve problems, while being fun and gamey. And can you imagine all the fun perspective puzzles that could be made!

Anyhow, that’s all folks. I would totally play this game. I’ll leave with some Escher.

Just wanted to add a thought. The puzzles could be “qualitative” puzzles, rather than just object manipulation puzzles. (e.g. solving a mystery in a story with object, vs using an object to break down a wall)


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