Bonus Post: Two Game Design videos you should watch side-by-side

Hey, I just wanted to leave off with some interesting videos to watch and think about. The first video is a bit longer than the second video, and its by Chris Crawford. The second video is a talk given by Raph Koster. I hope neither would be angry if I just link to their videos. They are open for the public. Anyway. both of these guys are brilliant in their own way and have a unique perspectives on game design. By putting these two videos side-by-side, I’m hoping that if anybody chooses to watch them like this, you might connect some dots and it might expand how you see games. They are also just interesting talks.

Pay attention to what they say about the artists side vs the technological side. What do you think about this ‘dichotomy’? Do you side with one thinker or the other, why? Are they saying the same thing?

Chris Crawford’s Talk on Interaction Storytelling (Feb. 2016)

Raph Koster’s Talk: Game Design Formalism: Challenges and Limits (May 2016) You’ll have to click the link because its not embedding correctly


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