Super B-Type, Freudian Games (and S. Korea)

Not to be confused with ‘Super R Type’, for the SNES, ‘Super B-Type’ doesn’t exist. Now that I’m looking at this cover more carefully, that’s one creepy-ass enemy. Needle teeth, razor blade hands, spider arms, snake head, hesitant 4th-Wall breaking sidelong gaze. This thing is made of nightmare!

I love to go for walks. If I could, I would walk in a deep foresty park every single day. In fact, I would probably live in nature if it weren’t illegal and impractical. These days, its just been my dog and I walking in the park, but the joy of a great walk is really in being able to follow our nose and just slowly and calmly take in all the beauty that our region still has to offer. We live in the Salish Sea region (otherwise known as the Pacific Northwest) and it is gorgeous – especially in the Summer! There is absolutely no reason to hurry while we walk through the forest and there’s no real goal in our walking either, its just slow and easy enjoyment. Like a nice cup of coffee. Leave that fitbit at home! Forget setting a healthy pace, calories, your BPM and sweating. Don’t even worry about taking pictures. Take as many breaks as you want. Look under leaves, take every side trail that your heart desires. You could say that I’m a what they call a ‘Type B personality’.

Of course, Type ‘A/Type B Personality’ (ABTP) is just a scandalous theory of personality created by some doctors in the 50’s who were funded by big tobacco to show that it’s ‘Type A personality’ to blame, not tobacco use, for causing heart problems for many people. So yes, by even using this idea ABTP, to create my ‘new’ game category, I’m being all ‘hipster ironic and junk’, because I don’t really believe in the theory. I actually play some pretty high-energy competitive games, so no, I’m not a ‘Type-B Personality’. I play Overwatch, Rocket League, Tekken games, to name a few.

But (never start a paragraph with ‘But’!), it is extremely interesting to me that so-called “walking games” exist. I would call Journey a walking game and I loved it. But I won’t, I’ll call  it a “Super B-Type Game” … because I can, …and I grew up with a SNES. If I had more money I would probably buy all the great ‘Super-B Types’ just so I could play them on a rainy day, where I couldn’t go out for an amazing walk out in nature without getting soggy.

Dear Esther (2012). Walk around, not fighting and stuff. 

Then there’s people all up in arms about games like Dear Esther being called ‘games’ a long time ago, nobody really cares anymore. I don’t give a crap if they are games or not, they certainly aren’t according to more classical definitions of games. Merriam-Webster defines games thusly: a physical or mental activity or contest that has rules and that people do for pleasure. When did Merriam get added to that anyway? I remember when it was just ‘Webster’s dictionary’. Was there some merger between two large dictionary conglomerates? Is there a seedy underworld of dictionary racketeering that we don’t know about?! Didn’t I say I was going to digress?

Still, there is something supremely satisfying about ‘playing’ these walking ‘games’ ‘Super B-Types’, at least there is for me. Perhaps the ABTP is a trashy bastard psychological theory, but perhaps life might be imitating ‘art’ in many people’s cases? Because I know a lot of people who swear they are either one or the other. But but perhaps the most important question of all is: Am I just posing as a ‘hipster ironic and junk’ person by using/abusing ABTP  for my own trashy bastard bloggy means?

I did it, I put a meme on my blog… I bet you can’t even!

I can barely!

But when thinking of psychology and coining new and useless categories of games, I thought up another new one: the ‘Freudian Game’. 

Meme #2

Yes, yes, although much of Freud’s theories of personality and development and stuff aren’t testable, we still owe him a great debt for much of the work he’s done. Among many things, he theorized that people have a lot of sexual aggression and violence brimming in their subconscious. I think this might be the case for some people, but I don’t think that this is necessarily the case for all people. It could have been just the Victorian age in Europe, I don’t know. So let’s call Freudian video games, games that allow people to let out their subconscious and repressed violence and sexuality through gameplay. Wait, games and violence, isn’t that like almost every single video game ? Let’s change that up just a little bit. They are video games that allow people to act out repressed political uncorrectness through gameplay in the context of a contemporary setting, without negative real world consequences.

So I had Grand Theft Auto 5, played it and beat it. It was pure teenage edginess, filled with self-effacing humor that pushes the limits, to the limits, of the limitations! It was actually kinda fun. Here’s a snippet of some good old tongue-in-cheek hyper-racism that is funny/not funny #ironic/the joke is always on you.

This is a show inside of the game  you can watch. On minute 4 they trot out the Indian who speaks like-um this-um. This pushed my limits. Totally not racist because they know its racist and therefore isn’t really not not racist. The overall message is its okay to make racist jokes as long as you think you’re not a racist because ‘who cares its just a game’? 

So anyway, I didn’t have any use for the game after I finished it. It was fun, but it just didn’t have much replay value for me. I took the game to the local gaming store to trade in and the younger worker guy there shouted at me when he saw what I wanted to trade in. “Are you kidding me!? This is the best game evar!1! Why would you ever want to trade this in?!” His boss came out and calmed him down and took over the transaction as a mature, yet understanding boss (while he tried and failed to control his laughter). My poor feels, man, but I just didn’t really have the desire to play it anymore. What can I say? I don’t really repress myself much?

GTA 5 is a Freudian Game, it’s a virtual space where people can be as anti-‘politically correct’, “bad”, as they want to be without any repercussions. I actually think this is great! Get it out of your system, or whatever, as long as this ironic/not ironic funny/not funny, “its actually okay to be racist, no, just joking, but not joking, joking” doesn’t spill out too much into the real world. I’m certainly no saint, so don’t misunderstand me as if I’m judging all the people who like these games. In fact, I think the draw of ‘Freudian Games’ is predicated on the fact that we live in a highly moralizing society wherein individuals have little choice in ending up adopting these sometimes asphyxiating and contradictory moral attitudes  (“Good”, “Bad”, “Ugly”, “Whatever”) of themselves and others, of which they might want to come to terms with somehow. Role-play in video games might be pretty therapeutic, actually. I bet there’s been tons of tests on this stuff, but I’m too lazy to look it up right now.


Here’s the top comments I just snipped, from the above video. Comments sections are totally not not not the really fakely untrue world. 


Also a very PC country. 

FYI: Yeah, so I’m going to South Korea in two days, for a few weeks. It’s gonna be rad. I’ll try to take some pictures or something and share if it’s relevant to the gamey bloggy coffee stuffs.


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