In reply to Gaijin Goomba’s video: Overwatch Skin BAN!? – A Message to Cultural Leaders

First off, here is the video:

So his message is for cultural leaders who are upset with misrepresentations of their culture. Basically, he understands that they are upset, but that they should see the positive side in this whole scenario. Because of these misrepresentations, he can create a video that educates people about culture and representations in popular media. He is trying to educate cultural leaders on seeing the good side of ignorant practices, something I’m sure they know very little about. Oh, and forget about the fact that these cultural leaders are actually doing what he says he’s doing; using this opportunity to say something.

This doesn’t just come from someone who has little cultural and worldly experience either! Although Americans are depicted negatively in Japanese culture, for him, he was happy that Japan was even aware of America. The above video would never happen if Overwatch didn’t pull the culturally insensitive ‘skins’ from its games. And wouldn’t that be a terrible loss? So all you cultural leaders out there, take it from Gaijin Goombah, just be happy that American businesses are aware you exist. Okay?  

I’m not a cultural leader, but here’s my reply: I’m sure he means well, but if less ignorant practices by businesses means there are less youtube videos teaching about the silver lining of ignorance *sad piano tune fades in*, then  I have no problem with that at all.


Chief Soaring Robo-eagle Spirit of Egypt at your service!

Pull the skins or not?

Yes!  And here’s 2 reasons why!

1- As a business you don’t want to lose your audience

After seeing that silly skin of mishmashed native cultures I won’t support the company at any more. That’s a bummer because I’ve given them money. I have Overwatch and I’ve played my fair share of Hearthstone, but until the company make some sort of change, they surely aren’t going to be getting any of my money or support. I’ll be sure to tell my friends, family and community about it too.

And what about the Kali skin? How many people are in India? Like a billion? If Indian cultural leaders don’t like it, why keep it?

2. Why the fuck would you want to be on the side of a history that perpetuates misrepresentations of oppressed people? 

North American tribes have been one of the most misrepresented peoples in American history! Along with a flood of terrible media, the United States have treated tribes terribly. It has implemented genocidal practices, mass taking children away to boarding schools to eradicate their culture and created programs of forced sterilization of women. That’s just a few. These aren’t even hidden, they are overt policies and acts. Ever heard of the Indian Termination era? Look it up. Our culture is precious to us as it has been the target of systematic destruction. Not so hard to wrap one’s mind around.

If you feel like you want to be in that camp, Blizzard, by all means join them. I would be pleasantly surprised if Blizzard comes out and says, “You know what? We were being insensitive and because we support tribal nations, we have decided to change these skins.” Looking forward to it.




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