Game Dev Journey Pt. 3

I haven’t been making anything in Game Maker since whenever it was that I made my last game dev journey post. That’s pretty lame, but I haven’t really been motivated that much to get anything done concerning games. It’s the dang truth! I went to Korea and since I’ve been back I’ve been using all of my mental energy on other things. I have a lot to prepare for the next academic year and a ton of catch-up to do on well, things related to work. But but but!!! … the other day I saw a book about Twine whilst perusing books at my local book store. I’ve heard of Twine on Checkpoints podcasts and another awesome person recommended me to try it out. Its a game engine you can make text-based games with. Remember those?! The book claimed that you can do a few more things with Twine than I had known, like give the players inventories to fill with items and a bunch of other stuff that I have already forgotten.

I didn’t buy it because Barbs and Crobles don’t accept food stamps 

With a dying flicker of inspirado that I got from actually touching the book, I gave it a try. I made a short text adventure game thingy using Twine 2. I don’t really play text-based games and that means that anything I make will be pretty horrid. I haven’t gotten down all the tricks of the trade or even appreciated them. I did play one that was featured on the website. It was the Bee King. I thought it was pretty good and it gave me a couple hints at the potential things you might do.

Before that I tried the Around the World in 80 Days and gave up after playing it for 5 minutes because it just wasn’t my thing. Even before that, I played some text game at my babysitter’s sometime in the 80’s on a Texas Instruments computer where I would go through rooms until a vampire killed me. I wasn’t very good at spacial or linguistic reasoning so my sights were set pretty low. I didn’t expect I could kill him, the fun was actually being able to progress enough to where I would die in the game.

So, the “game” I made is called Wake Up and its just a snarky semi-dark humored “game”. If you happen to stumble onto this blog and then your cat jumps on your computer mouse and accidentally clicks on the link below, and if you see this game on your browser and you happen to be so bored out of your mind that you start to play… give me a little feedback…

It was actually pretty fun to make and I had a few ideas for some more, …maybe one that might actually be fun. Or teach something. Or something. But unfortunately the inspirado has worn off.

I showed the game to my wife and and a friend. They thought I should make more, but for some reason I’m not feeling the magic. I’ve recently had some thoughts on video games that make me wonder a bit more. Is it really a game that I want to make? Why not interactive art? Why must it have game-like elements? Why the heck do I want to do this anyway? I’ve also looked into taking some programming courses. Nothing at two local colleges that are remotely appealing. I was looking into more grad school stuff as well, on things like interactive art, but you need a portfolio. I was hoping for a more academic and less performative kind of program to get into. So yeah, a few things have dampened my mood. We’ll see how things get sorted out. This funk might just wear off, we’ll see.

Technical art has such a high bar and audiences are all up in that digi-tech art. Sheeeit. 




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