A couple video game documentary recommendations

I’ve seen a few now, but yesterday and today I saw two. I watched “Indie game: Life After” (2015) and “State of Play” (2009) and I think you should too.

Both my wife (Korean) and I watched this together and we were shocked about the pro-gamer industry that exists now in Korea. It’s free if you have amazon prime right now. It has a lot of parallels with their music industry because well, its kinda what Korea does to certain things, things related to performance, like sports, music, comedy, schooling and even news-casting. They create these rigid hierarchies that are intensely competitive and painfully uncomfortable. Only a few will benefit and when it comes to pro-gaming, kids lose out on their high-school education to do this. This might not sound so bad in the U.S. or elsewhere, but if you don’t get good grades on the final exam in S. Korea it’s basically career suicide. The option of striking it out alone and doing some amazing thing, some business or some alternative to being a corporate cog really doesn’t exist. And if you do, guess what? The realm of small-business is just as competitive, if not more, than the alternative.

I suggest it because it not only showcases another perspective on gaming, but it also teaches you about Korean culture. I think its an interesting slice of Korea and can expand people’s horizons on what life is like in another part of the world.

“Indie Game: Life After” is the follow up to “Indie Game: The Movie”. So it might not make too much sense if you haven’t seen the first one. If you have seen the first one, I suggest this one too, it’s pretty good. I can’t find a youtube trailer for it for some reason though, but its available to watch on Netflix right now. Anyway, if you are looking for a bit of inspiration or want to have more background on being an indie dev definitely check it out.

One thing that every person talked about is having tough skin. In this age of the Internet, some scumbag is going to hate you and they are going to tell you about it. Probably many scumbags will! One of the tough lessons is: if you are successful, you better prepare for the onslaught of haters.

The documentary felt a bit slapped together, the formatting was a bit odd for me, but the quality of the interviews were great and if you like that guy Edmund you’ll like this movie. You’ll see a lot of him in it. I happen to like the guy. I thought the game AVGM was a pretty great piece of art. Check it out at Newgrounds! 


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