Games I want to play!

One of the tricks that I got from the documentary “Indie Game: Life After” when it comes to inspiration was to ask yourself the question: What game do I want to play? From this hopefully you might be a bit inspired to make that game. It’s a fun question and so I’d like to share some of the games I want to play. There are more that I have written down, but many are sorta vague and conceptual and not really game ideas. Others are quite detailed and I would be just making a game design document… and I aint got time to do that today!

Beat-em up:

My wife and I are always looking for a game that we can enjoy together. Sadly, couch co-op isn’t a popular design anymore. I miss the days of Final Fight and my wife enjoys a nice relaxing button mashing beat em up. Our most recent game like this we played was Dragon’s Crown, but we haven’t really found any other one that we really enjoyed. The game I want to play/make is one that is our neighborhood and the goals of where we are going would be rather trivial (and funny). Like going to take the dog for a walk and all the challenges that would be there. Like the boss could be a giant rusty drug needle, or the old lady trying to sell “Ice” on the stairs. The park near our house is filled with fucked up shit, but it might be somewhat therapeutic to turn it into a game. We could have my wife as a character and our dog as her super weapon, or once her power is charged she would do some special command that would make him grow and she would jump on his shoulder and he’d just smash the crap out of everything for a limited amount of time.

The third-person(or first), two-player strategy game:

In many shooting games with two players there are kinda cheesy parts of the game where the two players have to split paths (think Gears of War) and one typically has to flank the gun nest while the other one sorta just waits or deals with some little critters jumping around. Well this game would take that cheesy concept and blow it up to being the game. It would be a series of puzzles that the two players would have to solve together. It would ONLY be two player. I can think of a million different puzzles and solutions and it wouldn’t be too hard. Again, I’m just thinking of a game that would be fun to play together with the wifey. We both like the Gears of War series, but we also like to coordinate together to solve problems.

Power Down:

This is just a skimpy idea that turns a normal gaming convention on its head. Instead of powering up to succeed, the game would be designed in such a way that you start off too powerful to pass through the level. The goal would be to power down to pass whatever challenge would be in your way. Like being too big to pass through a hole and then having to power down to pass through it, only that’s the entire game. It would be an UN-metroid game because instead of slowly gaining powers throughout the game to progress, you would lose them. Fun idea, haven’t given it too much thought though on how to implement. It would be easy to do it in an RPG setting where you are some all powerful God or King and you can’t get along with the people unless you start to humble yourself. It could go a few directions. Nobody would buy it though, right?

RPS Attack!

I love fighting games and I would think it would be fun practice to make a Rock Paper Scissors game and take it to the level of a fighting game. It would be in real time with life bars where you could have counter attacks, varying degrees of strength in attack (and if they whiff, you are vulnerable for longer times). Basically all fighting games are, to a degree, Rock Paper Scissor games. This game would just make it explicit and would be super wacky fast-paced fun.

Groove Attack!:

This is another fighting game that tries to blend two genres of the music game and the fighting game. I’m sure it’s already been done, but I’m too lazy to look it up. Probably all of the games I’m talking about have been done to a certain extent, but I’m going to ignore that thought. This game would attempt to make fighting games a bit more accessible to players by explicitly showing that fighting games have rhythm. Moves must be made on beats or on quarter notes, or half notes or whatever. Each move might even have a sound where it would be yours “Song” versus their song somehow in real time.

Extremely difficult rogue-like multiplayer survival game:

I want to make a game where the environment is ridiculously dangerous. In this game there would be way over-powered monsters that would totally crush the players. Players would feel like tiny wimpy ants and they would ban together hiding in a tiny little hole in the ground. Imagine they are making fire doing all this. Its a side-view 2D game in my mind… it dark and then all of a sudden a giant bug with a zillion pincers just comes up and digs through the ground and destroys the lot of them. The mechanics would be very hidden, like say the bug found them because they were using some thing for a shoe, some plant they found and the bug was attracted to it, but they would have no idea this was the case because it wasn’t explicitly stated. Let’s say there about a million of these mechanics to find out through experimentation and tons and tons of death. Giant volcanoes, meteors smashing down, hundreds of species to get murdered by… plus, I could just keep making up new monsters for them to deal with. It would be the dev vs the players, and the only fairness would be I would make it so that every single enemy has some sort of weakness. Like if they use a torch to stun it, then another might use a rope to tie it down (before it breaks out) and a third player might be able to use a shovel to pry off one of its scales, making it vulnerable to attack. This game would seriously be fun to make.




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