Water over games


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There’s tons of horrible stuff happening out there in the world. Makes this blog feel a bit stupid. I started this in hopes to make a game and to get back to enjoying writing, to shake off the grad school. I think I’m slowly moving in that direction, but it just hurts my heart every day to hear about what is going on in North Dakota with the Standing Rock Sioux. I’ve been following this story through the Summer. A lot of me wishes I could be there, but I can only be there in spirit. I know some people who are out there, fighting, protecting the water and they are amazing. Today I woke up to see a Democracy Now video showing the hired security for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers had their dogs attack the peaceful protectors.

Yeah, this feels pretty silly and insignificant. But we don’t stop being us, I suppose. We have no money to travel or help, we do our best to support and get the word out there. Just in case though, here’s some prayers out to those who are protecting the land and the water.


As for games, I made a list of recent stuff I played. Most of them I played for just a short time. But I want to make something clear, these games, and the rage and disappointment, the loyalty and love that people have over them, are insignificant compared to protecting our land, our people and our nations.

Deus Ex Machina

-Metal Gear Solid 5

-Gears of War Remastered

-No Man’s Sky

-Doom 4

-Titanfall 2 Beta

-Battlefield 2 Beta

I only played one of these all the way through, Doom,  and would have quit on it had my wife not been invested in finding out the ending as well. She played some levels herself and it was her idea to go get the game. We got it from Redbox. A lot cheaper than buying a game, beating it and never touching it again. Or buying a game and just not liking it.

Overall, I’m just not impressed with these games. Doom was my favorite and even that got extremely boring after awhile. I can only handle so many room battles with a bunch of enemies and various platforms and crap. The controls, the feel, the graphics, the slight fish-eye field of vision, the amazing animations, 3D modeling, they were just superb. But, there just seems to be something missing in all of these games. I just don’t feel the magic. 

MSG5 I finished the intro part of the game and thought that it was a wild and wacky story that would be fun to play through, but when I got full control of the game I quickly stopped caring. Go to the village, use the gadgets. Meh. Why? Why would I want to go to the village and use all these pain-in-the-ass gadgets? It’s just not worth investing the time or energy for me to figure out this genius story made by the grandmaster of video games. Speaking of stealthy games, I must have played Deus Ex for about 20 minutes before getting bored with it. The game just felt empty, flat. Again, gadgets and crap. I guess I’m not much for sneaky sneaky games?

The two betas reminded me that big multiplayer games are getting stale too, for me. What I really want to play is Tekken 7: FR and these games aren’t scratching the itch. I’m sure plenty of people love them and that’s cool, they’re just not my thing. At least they were free.

Gears of War, the original is one of my all time favorite games of that generation so I was curious to play the remastered version. I finally got my chance the other day and well, it was the same game. I know the story, I played through the original at least a few times back when, and there wasn’t really anything this time that was compelling me to keep playing. I also loved the multiplayer of the original. It was the first shooting game I really got into and it was a great time-killer when I was in my first year in Korea. It was more of a strategic shooter, and really got my adrenaline going. I played a match of the remastered version, for the good old days, and I actually did somewhat decent. Sheeit, though, I ain’t got time to get good at it and put the man hours in. I don’t have an xbone either.

As for No Man’s Sky... it was interesting at first and got boring. I don’t have hate for the people who made it though or any sort of anger about it. Even if they did overhype it, games just aren’t that important. Nothing is as important as the water. Not even close. Nothing in games should get people as angry as serious, real world shit that’s going down.

NMS rage and issues like it, they’re just drop in the bucket. What if there were a game about stewardship that was actually fun? What if there were a catchy puzzle game for mobile that got people thinking about protecting their land?



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