This is the thing, Kojima will make a game and for many people, it will be disappointing.  

There’s this thing that happens with some game designers. They get famous, and then they change. Some kind of transformation happens. They go into Super Sayan mode or something and start making a mysterious thing. Then they let out info on the game on slow drip. Audiences get pumped up to the max. Remember when we used to say that? To the MAX! Other examples are Peter Molyneux, this No Man’s Sky guy recently. They go to their next form and stoke the blazing fires of ludic desire to the point where people are going bonkers. But the danger! Remember that guy who gave death threats to the No Man’s Sky team when they delayed the game? And to the reporter who reported it? For what? When the game released, it was nowhere near the fever-pitched hype that had been kept on a steady raging boil. It was just a game where you walk around and junk.

“But Hideo Komjima is different!!”, one might hypothetically exclaim.

Kojima’s recent talk at the Tokyo Game Show 

I will say that I believe that video games are still yet to hit their stride. I don’t think they have been used to their potential yet. I think we have are still scratching the surface, so I am always open to the fact that somebody, or some team, is going to drop a bomb of awesomeness on the masses. Kojima has the tools to do it, but the truth is, the hype goes beyond what a game can deliver. People seem to have this weakness to hype, it’s like they are trying to fill a void in themselves with video games and that’s when it can go to stupid levels. Many have this mostly subconscious hope that video games have the potential to liberate us.

Image result for kojima jesus

Apparently there is a website called

All of this seems to be an example of the myth that technology will be able to make our lives better again or have meaning again or whatever existential or bodily ailment you might have. Hunger and starvation? Sure, we’ll find a technological fix for that! Depression? Just invent some more medicine to turn this dial up and that dial down and Voila! everybody’s perky f*cking pencils and ready to go! You think you have a stupid face? Go to Korea and get cheap plastic surgery! Video game hype bleeds into this more ‘spiritual’ realm if one isn’t conscious of it.

Image result for no mans sky screenshots

Who doesn’t want to be here? Oh, you prefer actual real reality? Ok.

Me saying this won’t change anything much because the system is already there. Many people are unhappy. They do want to be liberated. They need a myth to give their lives meaning. It’s just the human condition. People will latch onto whatever material thing to bring them hope, meaning, etc. and the inevitable disappointment will come in when it doesn’t deliver, if their world only consists of material things. I don’t blame them. Or myself. For eating that whole bag of low sodium chips this morning last night.

Another reason why me saying this won’t be affect change is because I’m not allowing my audience to ponder these questions on liberation and meaning. I’m just telling, and on these kinds of issues telling mostly makes people defensive. So go! Ponder the universe! And meaning, religion spirituality, myth etc. I mean, if you’re into that.

Death Stranding will probably be amazing, for a game. Some might even call it a work of art. But I’m afraid that’s about as far as it will go.


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