Gaming in the Fall

There hasn’t been too much gaming for me this Fall even though I’ve gotten my hands on a GTX 1070 and managed to put that beast in my PC. Anyway, as most people around my age know: as we get older, it gets harder and harder to justify to one’s self the time put into a mere game. Despite that, I played a small few. The funnest game I’ve played so far this Fall is Mother Russia Bleeds. Yup. It’s a side-scrolling beat-em-up in the style of Final Fight, except bloody as hell and with an insano story. Plus the sorta 16-bit-esque pixel aesthetic gets me every time, if its done well.

The real joy of it is being able to play with my wife as if we were at an arcade, but in the living room. It isn’t often that we get games anymore that are just mindless fun that we can play couch co-op style.

Image result for mother russia bleeds

Nothing says bonding like smashing people’s heads in together

I did end up getting Gears of War 4 as well. The Gears series is another ‘go-to’ for us. We’ve played and beat every one of them as a husband and wife team. Seeing how the newest iteration was released for PC and I just happen to have a new graphics card, we decided to grab it too. If it were just on the Xbox One, we would have skipped it because we don’t have one of thems. We played it though, and beat it a couple times now, but we are both left a bit unsatisfied in the end. The first Gears was an epic story, but this just felt like a slice of a wimpy story in comparison. We were also hoping there would be local co-op for Horde mode. There’s also the glaring fact that the online modes are obviously designed to take as much money as possible from the players.

Please don’t let Tekken 7 cave into this horrid world of online random pack mico-transactions!

Image result for wood


The only other game that I’ve been playing here and there after work is Dragon Quest Builders. Surprisingly, I’ve logged more time in it than Gears of War 4. I guess I’m at a time in my life where I can just enjoy a nice casual feeling game. There’s nothing hard about it at all and each chapter of the game (I’m on ch. 3) feels sorta like a game in itself. That’s a lot of value, yo! I’m on Amazon prime and they just rolled out their Twitch Prime thingy and one of the benefits of it is you can order a game early or in the first two weeks of release, with a nice discount. I got 10 bucks off, but if I had ordered earlier I think I would have gotten $20 off. I couldn’t make up my mind early enough. With its varied chapters and the relaxing time I’ve had with it, I was pleasantly surprised how much value I was able to get out of it. Plus, my first RPG ever was Dragon Warrior (Dragon Quest in Japan) for the NES, so there’s that.

Image result for dragon quest 1

I remember loving this cover so much I brought the box to elementary school. I would try to draw it during recess. 

Otherwise with games, I haven’t played anything really. I played the new COD Beta for about 30 min. My first match, we were getting spawn camped badly, but after about 4 minutes in, I realized we were in the MW2 airport multiplayer map. I got my bearings and went to town on them kids. I’m going to get this game just so I can play with my friend who moved away this year. We’d play COD and Rocket League together over at my place. Miss the guy, but he just informed me that they got a PS4 at their house. That’ll be nice to have a homie to play with, at least online.

Game design is not on the radar as I’m crazy busy with work. It’s taking up my weekends. I feel guilty for even writing this on a Saturday when there’s so much preparing to do for next week. :*(


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