Fort Worden: Probably Why I love Exploration Games So Much

Inspired by Kim’s post @Later Level’s, I’m posting some photos of a trip my wife and I  (and Scrappy) went to recently. It’s a place called Fort Worden, a naval base in Port Townsend, WA,  that was built in the early 1900’s, but never saw any action. My Great Uncle Red would take me on walks through here each summer since before I went to elementary school. It is one of my favorite places ever and I was thrilled to be able to share this place with my wife not too long ago, when the weather wasn’t too bad. I mean, it was super windy, but it was also bright and beautiful.

The fort is pretty much a big labyrinth of bunkers overgrown, out by the ocean. The city has taken to turn the barracks part of the fort into a public place with a community center and all sorts of musical and arts activities going on. I’m glad to see it has the love and attention it deserves, but there is a part of me that longs for the times when we could walk through the entire place and not see a single soul.

I was happy to find out that Scrappy loved this place as much as I do

Directly underneath this placid field is an underground lair, seriously.


This particular building is now inaccessable, and is being fixed up. Yep, this is like a little pyramid underneath all the grass and ferns.

The battery, where large ship destroying cannons were located

This is connected to many buildings like it through tunnels and is just the best thing to be able to explore

Seems like there was some filming about to happen at this particular spot, maybe for a live-action game? Or a survival horror film? We didn’t bother them, aside from taking a picture of course.

I totally love the r/abandoned subreddit BTW, and it’s no wonder why

Well that’s about it. I wasn’t planning on blogging about this adventure, so I didn’t take a ton of photos, but hope you enjoyed. It’s a wonderful place to visit!


10 thoughts on “Fort Worden: Probably Why I love Exploration Games So Much

  1. This place looks magical. I love that sense of exploration and thinking about what’s just around the corner. You might’ve inspired me to write my own such post on a similar place in Hawaii called Diamond Head, an abandoned WWII bunker on Oahu built into an ancient volcanic crater. The place was never used since nothing ever happened again there after Pearl Harbor but it’s been turned into a national hike and museum now. You can climb up through parapets and bunkers and old prison rooms and corridors. I eat this kind of stuff up. For breakfast.

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    1. Well, Kim inspired me. It’s like that electricity game where people hold hands and pretend to shock each other down the line. haha. Thanks for checking it out. Yeah, man, I’d love to see a post on Diamond Head. I absolutely love these places and want more options to explore them!

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      1. I’ve never really written on something ordinary from my childhood on TWRM but I wouldn’t necessarily be adverse to it. I’ll have to think of some kind of spin that’ll make it interesting to me, exactly like how you emphasized how you enjoy exploration in games.

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  2. This place is beautiful and amazing. Thanks for sharing your adventure! I love abandoned bits of history. They’re indescribably interesting and really spark the imagination. I’ll have to check out the abandoned Subreditt you mentioned.

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  3. I like this relating real life exploration to videogames. It opens doors for lots of ideas and inspirations.

    I went to phuket with my wife for our honeymoon last year and went to phi phi islands while cruising through the water to our destination seeing all the Ricky spires and cliffs I couldn’t help to be reminded about wind waker. Fun stuff.

    Oh I love Scrappy what a sweetheart

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    1. Going to unique places can be such an inspiration. I bet Phuket and around the islands was such a great experience for you two! Any places from when you grew up that you think had a pretty formative influence on your game taste, perhaps?

      Yeah, Scrappy is a wonderful friend who loves hikes, and walking, and just havin a good time. He’s not too keen on long windy drives, but we take breaks for him.


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