Hollow Knight (2017)

Check out my review of Hollow Knight over at the Well-Red Mage’s blog!


“If all the ways I have been along were marked on a map and joined up with a line, it might represent a minotaur.”
-Pablo Picasso

ff3-nes-sage2 Heyo. Wakalapi, aka. Evergreen Sage Mage, here.

A bit about myself… I’m a metroidvaniac, as Well-Red calls it, going way back into the 80’s. I beat the original Metroid before I beat 3rd grade. My heart has also been burnt a deep searing charcoal black from playing and beating the entirety of the Soulsborne games. If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you will absolutely love Hollow Knight. If you’re nothing like me, you will still love it 😉 …because this game is insanely good.

It’s my pleasure to be here again at the Well-Red blog to bring you another review, this time on the absolutely gorgeous, hand-drawn, labyrinthine world called Hollow Knight. It’s been classified as a metroidvania, but really, it’s so much more than…

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