Blog Update (or um, Downdate)

Hi readers/friends,

It’s been about three weeks since my last blog post. A lot has been going on in my personal life, as I’m sure there’s been a lot going on in yours as well. As things get real over here, I’m going to have to suspend this blog… indefinitely, although I hope to continue to enjoy the writing of those in this friendly community. I may restart it, who knows, but it’s basically the amount of real life shit that I gotta do is just too damn high!

Image result for too damn high

Nothing like memes to make you sound super credible, right? 

It’s been fun though. I’ve been doing a great deal of thinking about games/video games as media, on game development, and of course game design, over the past year. I’ve read tons of articles, books, listened to podcasts and watched seemingly countless videos on the topic of games. For the most part now though, the fire of my intellectual curiosity has been doused and that was my true motivating factor.

Games are fascinating, video games are too. They’re an interesting medium that can do a great deal of things. There’s art, magic and humanity in them, as well as having their more formal and mechanical aspects. They are objects of interest, and they are also mirrors that reflect our values back at us, like any good art does. They show us who we are as we interact with them, they can likewise provide hours to years of entertainment. People have been playing games for millennia, really. Take that, books! 

Image result for book bad

I’m sure the powers that be, will agree

Honestly at times, this passion for digging deeper and deeper into games felt more like a curse.. I would wake up with a new fresh idea to write on and wouldn’t be able to get to my normal life until I sat down and put it onto the page. I have a ‘blog ideas to write on document’ on my desktop, that no matter how many topics I wrote about, only more ideas would come, seemingly exponentially, and I’d have to shovel them there. It wanted to eat up my life as I let the leash go longer and longer. Now, regardless of whatever precipitated my change, it’s nice to wake up and not feel utterly compelled to have to write on these blasted things.

Image result for rabbit hole

The rabbit hole is deep, yes yes indeed

In the end, looking back at my goals for this blog… I never made a game, but I did a lot of writing, I did a lot of personal exploration of the question, “what is gaminess?” and met some great people. It’s been fun, it’s been real, and it’s been a great place to learn and grow.

Thanks to all who stopped by, and best of luck to you in your future endeavors. Hit me up @wakalapi on the privatized corporate social networking site known as Twitter.

Until next time,



9 thoughts on “Blog Update (or um, Downdate)

  1. You and your posts will be missed! But it’s good to hear that you found what you were looking for, and that you may return some day in the future. Stay happy, keep in touch and take care. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, its been great chatting with you. I’ll definitely be around to read your stuff though, and I’m probably gonna do some guest posting on Well-Red’s blog too, so I won’t really be gone, but my rambly blog is gonna be sidelined is all. I’m still enjoying playing games, I’m actually fiddling around with streaming (just because I can) and doing some other gamey stuff… but man the ideas blog just grows and grows and grows to the point where there is no possible way for me to catch up with all I wanted to say. And only being mildly mildly perfectionistic, means I take wayyy too much time to get those ideas out. Yeah, something like that. Plus I got a summer job that’s gonna suck horribly. Then in the fall I have a good job, that’s going to take my entire being to do. Yeah… stuff like that.


      1. There’s nothing wrong with taking a step away. I stopped blogging for around 6 months last year – I just couldn’t achieve everything I wanted to and it was getting me down so I needed a break. I felt guilty about it at the time but looking back now, I can see the decision was the right one to make.

        It’s good to hear you’re not going to disappear from us completely though! I’ll certainly keep an eye out for your posts over on the The Well-Red Mage and look forward to hearing more about this ‘gamey stuff’. Besides, you still owe us a tour of Fort Worden. 😉

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      2. that’s good to hear that taking a break has worked out for you. Hopefully I can get recharged and put my energy towards whatever it is, in a renewed way when the time is right. Yes, we owe you a tour of Fort Worden! Hold me to it, plus I’d be happy to have an excuse to go there again!

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  2. I know you already told me about this, but now I have this overwhelming sense of sadness after reading your post! No guilt trip on you, or nothing. I’ll just miss blogging for you, I guess, in some strange way? You and I definitely need to keep in touch. You’re one of my favorite people here. Thanks for all the writing you’ve done that I’ve been able to enjoy. As for the writing you’ve done that I haven’t enjoyed… I’m sure that’s merely because I haven’t come around to reading it just yet. 😉

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