Thoughts on ep. 23 of No Cartridge Audio

Recently I’ve come across the relatively recently created podcast called “No Catridge Audio“. It’s good, go listen to it. It was created by Hegelbon (I can’t find his first name as I swim in his pseudonyms), a PhD in literature fellow, wherein he talks about games with or without someone else. The ones that are the most […]

Hollow Knight (2017)

“If all the ways I have been along were marked on a map and joined up with a line, it might represent a minotaur.” -Pablo Picasso ? ?  Heyo. Wakalapi, aka. Evergreen Sage Mage, here. A bit about myself… I’m a metroidvaniac, as Well-Red calls it, going way back into the 80’s. I beat the…

Game design thoughts: Surveying the foothills

Wait, this mountain doesn’t have any foothills! Since camping out in what I referred to as “Game Design Mountain“, I’ve spent some time doing a bit of work, and a bit of navel gazing as well. I’ve approached this mountain a bit like a cartographer and also a bit like an ecologist and an anthropologist. […]

On Snearing Into Telescopes

Never regret thy fall, O Icarus of the fearless flight For the greatest tragedy of them all Is never to feel the burning light.” -Oscar Wilde If only there was an ultimate primal truth that, if understood, could prove to the world, once and for all, what is right and just. Amirite? The world is […]

Game Formalism: Gaming the game of games

Preamble: This is one of the stupidest posts ever. I’m going to write about game formalism because I need to get this out. It’s not you, it’s me. Feel free to skip this immediately.  What was I going to say again? Ah yes, Games Formalism. Yeah, so I don’t know exactly what games formalism is. […]